H2O – H2O – H2O! Happy Holiday Gift-Giving!

H2O – H2O – H2O! Happy Holiday Gift-Giving!

By Water Street – December 11, 2019 – Comment

It’s that time of year again, and our gift to you this holiday season: 30 gift-giving ideas for the water-responsible giver and receiver, all neatly assorted for the various type of personalities on your list.

For the practical

Water tumblers personalized for every member of the household; water pitcher with filter and a six-month supply of filters; reuseable stainless steel drinking straws with carrying case; soil-moisture meters; eco-showerheads; rainwater collection barrel and distribution hose; waterless shampoo and leave-in conditioner set; concentrated cleaning solutions and detergents; one-pot-meals cookbook Less cleanup equals more water saved!

For the whimsical

Sea monkeys; water-color-by-numbers art kit; ice cube melt party game set.

For the penny pincher

Toilet tank banks that can save almost 1 gallon per flush; shower timers to cut down on “long soaks”; waterless rechargeable electric shavers for men and women.

For the extravagant

“Smart” indoor-outdoor Wi-Fi sprinkler and irrigation system; pet iguana with habitat and starter kit that requires much less water than fish; trip to Niagara Falls.

For the adventurer

Whitewater rafting experience; deep-sea fishing; season passes to the nearest water park; map locating and describing all the parks in the area known for their water activities.

For the homebody

Watering globes for “irrigating” outdoor and indoor plants; a Netflix gift card with all water recommendations, including Jaws, The Perfect Storm and Singing in the Rain; indoor cactus garden.

 For the pet lovers, epicures and other special interests

“Slopper Stopper” dog water bowl and waterless pet shampoos; tiny-to-jumbo set of cooking pots. You’d be surprised how much water you can save by using the properly sized pot!; vegetable, rice and other food steamers; water-themed “mixed tape”, including Handel’s “Water Music,” “Red Rain,” “Bridge Over Troubled Water”; framed reproduction of Monet’s Water Lilies.

Lastly, don’t forget the gift tag! Include a simple statement about the water mission that inspired you to give this gift.