One Million Tests Equal One Water Quality Report

One Million Tests Equal One Water Quality Report
Matt Corson

By – June 12, 2019 – 8 Comments

Ever wonder about the quality of your drinking water? Probably not so much. The good news, though, is that we always do – 24/7/365.

Now that we’ve brought it to your attention… we want to take this opportunity to remind you how easy it is to find out about the quality of your water, instead of just assuming the water coming from your tap is safe. American Water’s 2018 Water Quality Reports, also known as Consumer Confidence Reports, are officially out.

So, what’s in a Water Quality Report? Well, obviously it contains information about the quality of your water (duh) highlighting any contaminants that were detected and showing how they compared against any drinking water limits.  The report also includes information about where your water comes from, steps we’re taking to protect it, and much more.

So, how do we get all of this information? As a company, American Water performs more than 1 million tests each year.  This means that we’re out there every day, collecting samples as part of our efforts to be the shield between you and contaminants and make sure that you have high quality drinking water. Additionally, we have an industry-leading research and development program that’s designed to enhance our services, help ensure compliance, and shape a more sustainable water future.

That’s some of how we do our part to monitor and protect your water. Now, how can you do your part?

First, you can minimize your use of pesticides and fertilizers, which unfortunately find their way into our nation’s water resources. Better yet, make the switch to greener lawn care alternatives. Next? Safely dispose of household chemicals according to label directions. Take any used motor oil to your local oil recycling center. Clean up after your pets too, because rain or surface water can carry their excrement into street drains and sewers. Another thought – volunteer to help protect your community’s local watershed or wellhead, and if there isn’t a group, consider starting one.

Together with you, the more we do to preserve and protect the quality of our water resources, the better off our planet, and our communities will be.

For your area’s Water Quality report, click here.