The Biggest News Items of 2017—What’s the Common Factor?

The Biggest News Items of 2017—What’s the Common Factor?

By Water Street – December 27, 2017 – Comment

With the countdown to 2018 now only days, more and more news stories are reflecting on the biggest political, celebrity, entertainment, and public-interest events that captured our attention. We are always amazed to think back and realize how much time has gone by since events like the summer eclipse or the hurricanes in Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico dominated the news. Of course, even with these historic events, it’s the day-by-day that really makes a long-term impact on our lives.

It makes us think about the ordinary, everyday occurrences that aren’t as fleeting, but truly make our lives better, easier and a little less worrisome for the long term. Like the waitress at the local restaurant, who always remembers how we like my coffee or the mechanic who calls us to schedule our oil change, and the pharmacist who knows our name before we even ask for our prescription.

It’s a lot like what we do at American Water to keep life flowing for our customers.

The people at American Water take great pride in doing the things that would put us on that list of ongoing, year-round experiences that you rely on. We have a deep personal commitment to our

customers and our environment, which comes from the knowledge tha­t what we deliver is critical for life – for our health, our economy, our standard of living, our very existence.

Some of the ways we strive to achieve this include providing:

  • Real-time leak alerts: a time- and money-saver for our customers, not to mention providing peace of mind.
  • Conservation tips: good for the environment and the wallet.
  • Alerts when a bill is trending higher than usual: sent early in the month so the customer can make adjustments before the “damage is done”.
  • Support for lower-income customers in our communities: we fundraise aggressively to give back.

As we said, these services probably won’t make the headlines on CNN New Year’s Eve! But our customers tell us they do make a difference in their lives—and that is the best news of all to us.

Our team looks forward to continuing these services and to finding additional ways to make life easier in the year ahead. All the best to you, and Happy New Year!