Meet the Authors

Welcome to the Water Street author page. You can learn more about the group of people behind all the blog posts here. Water Street’s authors are American Water employees collaborating to bring you interesting and informative conversations about water that are meaningful to your everyday life.

Dr. Ben Stanford

Senior Director, Water Research and Development

Ben is an internationally-recognized expert in water chemistry, water quality and contaminant research, and has conducted numerous studies across science, engineering and public health protection for water, water reuse and wastewater. As Senior Director of Water Research and Development, he... Read More

Gary A. Naumick, P.E. (PA.)

Vice President of Engineering

As Vice President of Engineering for American Water, Gary is responsible for strategic planning, management, and delivery of American Water’s capital program of over $1 billion annually, as well as leading his team in the development of comprehensive asset plans... Read More

Dr. Lauren Weinrich

Senior Scientist - Water Research and Development

Lauren has fulfilled her passion to better understand and protect our environment as a senior scientist in the Water Research and Development team for over 10 years. She works on research projects related to treatment, monitoring and optimization in drinking... Read More

Matt Corson

Director, Environmental Compliance and Stewardship

As Director of Environmental Compliance and Stewardship, Matt is responsible for coordinating environmental compliance and stewardship activities at American Water’s drinking water systems and wastewater operations, in addition to promoting American Water’s environmental policy. In his 25+ years of experience,... Read More