Dr. Zia Bukhari

Principal Scientist, Water & Wastewater Research

Zia Bukhari has over 20 years of research and industry experience focusing on defining and mitigating health impacts associated with physicochemical, microbial and emerging contaminants exposure through environmental routes especially drinking water, wastewater, reclaimed water and seawater desalination. Zia's research work has received national and international attention. He led teams responsible for developing and validating methods for waterborne protozoa, discovering effectiveness of UV for treating Cryptosporidium- an important waterborne human pathogen and establishing risk for opportunistic pathogens such as Legionella in non-potable reuse systems.

His work has been published extensively in peer reviewed publications. He has been the lead investigator and recipient of numerous competitive research awards from national and international agencies. He also serves in an advisory capacity for various grant awarding agencies.