How Changing Habits Can Keep Plastic Out Of Water Systems

How Changing Habits Can Keep Plastic Out Of Water Systems
Dr. Ben Stanford

By – December 13, 2017 – 1 Comment

Plastics are everywhere. You’ve likely heard about the discouraging impact plastic is having on water environments around the world. Perhaps you also know about the growing concern around microplastics, small plastic pieces less than five millimeters long which can be harmful to ocean and aquatic life.

Some recent studies have shown that human overuse and mass manufacturing of plastic have caused plastic particles to infiltrate our environment. It’s a global issue that has quickly extended beyond a water-quality concern to an intense focus on restoring the integrity of the planet.

Believe me, I get it. In the right place, plastics are incredibly useful and helpful. However, over-use and improper disposal mean they end up in our environment in ways people never expected. When people think about what they can do to help the situation they often wonder if they can make a difference or what steps they can take to change their consumption habits.

One way you can help is by changing plastic habits as part of your lifestyle: it will make a difference. Just imagine if every person on the planet cut out plastic straws completely. Every action helps!

If you take it step by step, I think you’ll find reducing plastic usage isn’t as hard as you thought. Here are a few tips anyone can implement:

  1. Replace the disposable with the reusable. Metal utensils, ceramic plates and mugs, refillable water bottles, and non-disposable razors are all Earth-friendly and easy to access alternatives.
  2. Use reusable paper or cloth bags for all your shopping—groceries, clothing, everything! Get in the habit of keeping reusable bags in your car so you can take them in with you every time you go to the store.
  3. Shun plastic straws. Even in restaurants.
  4. Buy in bulk. Items packaged individually mean more plastic in your life.
  5. Go natural with your exfoliants and other beauty products and eliminate the microbeads.

You’ll find other great ideas here. Give it a try, and take pride in knowing every change you make and encourage others to make to reduce plastic usage will be much more than just a drop in the ocean!

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