2015 Water Quality Reports Now Available for Customers

By Dr. Mark LeChevallier – June 2, 2016 – Comment

With news about water scarcity or water quality in the evening news almost weekly, it’s understandable that people are looking for ways to maintain a sense of control and understanding when it comes to their tap water.  One way consumers can do this is by reading their drinking Water Quality Reports (also called Consumer Confidence Reports, or CCRs) from their water utilities. It is a requirement for all water utilities to annually provide customers with these reports, and I strongly believe that an informed customer is a great asset not only for the health and safety of their own families, but also for the wellbeing of their communities.

Knowing that customers take an interest in how their local water supplier stacks up against USEPA and state standards for drinking water is one more reason that water utilities look for ways that they can “raise the bar” as new research and technologies emerge.

Therefore, I encourage everyone, whether you are an American Water customer or not, to take an interest in your water and check out your 2015 Water Quality Reports. In these, customers will find:

  • Quality of water supplied by your water utility compared to federal EPA standards as well as state regulations
  • Description of local water sources
  • Information on testing done, substances detected and the level of those substances
  • Commonly asked questions and relevant answers regarding local drinking water

At American Water, we take pride in the fact that we score greater than 99.9% for drinking water compliance and that, consistently through the years we’ve scored among the highest of all water companies. We are proud that we don’t only comply with state and federal standards, but that our own researchers have helped the EPA improve their regulations. But above all, we take pride in our commitment to excellence in terms of the quality of our water and our service – and in being able to deliver for our customers.  To avoid the destruction of trees for printing on paper, and the greenhouse gas emissions for mailing, most American Water customers will find an internet link to their Water Quality Report on their water bill for the next several months.  The link will take customers to information specific to their water system.  When you are on the web site, check out additional information on “frequently asked questions,” environmental stewardship, and our environmental grant program.

“Transparency” is important for more than just the water itself! Take a look at your annual Water Quality Report and stay informed about the quality of your water service in order to keep the standards evolving and the interest spreading.