Early Summer Water Wise Tips

By Dr. Mark LeChevallier – May 22, 2015 – Comment

With an early Memorial Day Weekend this year and full-on summer quickly approaching I’m sure many of us can’t wait to hit the pool, and enjoy long-awaited vacations. And while some neighbors are in constant competition to see who has the greenest lawn and flourishing plants, these days it’s better to remain water-wise and a bit more conservative. Luckily for you we’ve developed an infographic with 12 easy water saving tips to help save the environment and save you money this summer.

Some of these tips may seem pretty obvious though there are others you may not think about from day to day.

First, only water when needed! Not all plants need to be watered everyday. Depending on the type of plant/turf, once or twice a week should so the job.

 Watering early in the morning or late in the day is key. Evaporation is the enemy; so wait until the sun is low to water.

Keep an eye on the weather so that you aren’t over-watering. Let the rain do its magic for you. Turn off your sprinklers when it’s supposed to rain or install a rain sensor that will do it automatically. Investing in a few rainwater barrels would be a good idea as well. These can be used to water plants later.

 Always watch what you’re watering. We’ve all seen those water sprinklers that manage to drench an entire sidewalk and occasionally a few bystanders. Positioning your water sprinkler is a must. Also, reduce sprinkler times for shaded areas that don’t need as much attention.

Now, for some tips you may not have thought about.

 Setting your mower higher when cutting grass can reduce burnouts, weeds, insects and disease.  There always seems to be that patch of grass that won’t grow or looks dull because it’s being cut too low. Mowing at 2.5 to 3.5 is recommended depending on the season.

Checking for leaks and breaks in your pipes is necessary to make sure you aren’t losing water. Always check to see if your pipes are in good condition.

Mulching beds are the best! They help retain moisture and prevent weeds. Be careful not to over-mulch, which can stress plants. Two or three inches is just the right amount.

Overall, keep in mind that water is our most valuable natural resource. Enjoy your time with water activities this summer, and help maintain a healthy environment and be mindful of water usage. Now please excuse me, as I’m off to the beach!