World Water Day

By Dr. Mark LeChevallier – March 22, 2012 – Comment

Today is one of my favorite days on the calendar.  No – it’s not my birthday – it’s International World Water Day!  What?  You’ve never heard of it?  You say that Hallmark doesn’t even have a card for it?

World Water Day is a United Nations initiative that was started in 1992 and is held annually on March 22nd as a means of focusing attention on the importance of freshwater and advocating for the sustainable management of freshwater resources. If you go to www.unwater.org/worldwaterday, you’ll find a wealth of information and tips on what you can do to use this precious resource more responsibly. This year’s theme – Water and Food Security – brings to light how much water is embedded in the food we eat and the connection between water scarcity and chronic hunger which affects one billion people around the world today.

This is also the perfect day to commit to becoming involved in one of several worthwhile organizations that are devoted to water-related causes. At American Water, our company and employees have long been supporters of Water For People. Founded in 1991 by leading members of the American Water Works Association, Water For People is dedicated to helping people in developing countries improve quality of life by supporting the development of locally sustainable drinking water resources. Water For People also addresses sanitation facilities and conducts hygiene education programs in areas of critical need. Rather than going for quick fixes, Water For People undertakes programs that last, examining entire districts and regions rather than just households and individual villages. Solutions are strategic and long-lasting. American Water and its employees have donated more than $1.6 million to this organization since its inception. For more on this terrific organization, go to www.waterforpeople.org.

In addition, there are many other efforts worth getting to know about. Some of those referred by friends and colleagues include Charity:Water; Water.org, Surge for Water, and Wine To Water. Spend a few moments looking at the websites of these charitable organizations and you will see some of the options that exist – there’s bound to be one that will capture your attention…and I’ll raise my glass of water to that!