Answering Your Home Warranty FAQs

Answering Your Home Warranty FAQs

By – February 10, 2021 – Comment

February 10 is National Home Warranty Day – a day all about reminding homeowners how they can protect their homes with a home warranty plan.  A home warranty with American Water Resources can provide homeowners peace of mind knowing their home systems are covered.

For those who aren’t covered or reconsidering their current coverage, we’ve answered some of the most pressing and frequently asked questions standing between you and the peace of mind that comes with home warranty programs.

I already have homeowner’s insurance. So, why do I need a home warranty program?

Most standard homeowners’ insurance policies typically do not cover system failures or breakdowns due to normal wear and tear.  A home warranty provides coverage when major systems fail due to normal wear and tear and can protect homeowners from the high cost of unexpected repair costs.  At American Water Resources, we meet the specific needs of individual homeowners through a variety of product offerings and coverage terms.

What do home warranty programs cover?

American Water Resources’ programs protect homes and homeowners from top to bottom, inside and out, including water and sewer lines, plumbing and electrical systems, heating and cooling systems and more.  These programs are cost-effective for homeowners, coming in at mere dollars per month, for protection from repairs that could otherwise break the bank.

Who completes the repairs when I file a claim with my home warranty provider?

Every provider has their own system, but at American Water Resources, we work with a network of professional, independent, and licensed contractors. Through this network, we’ve put an emphasis on supporting small local businesses that we, and our customers, can trust. Once you submit a covered claim, we’ll take care of the rest, so your repair is as seamless and easy as possible.

Home warranty plans seem too good to be true. Do they really save homeowners money?

Those who aren’t covered by a warranty plan could expect to spend anywhere from a couple hundred to tens of thousands of dollars to replace a heating system or fix the damage left by a leaking pipe. Through affordable monthly payments, home warranty plans can help cover these large, unexpected expenses – protecting your home and your wallet.

National Home Warranty Day serves as a reminder: your home protects your family, so maybe it’s time you protect your home. It may just safeguard your bank account in the process.

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