Supporting The Troops: Water and Wastewater Services on Our Nation’s Military Installations

Supporting The Troops: Water and Wastewater Services on Our Nation’s Military Installations
Mark McDonough

By – June 6, 2019 – Comment

That’s right, American Water’s podcast series, Wavelengths, now includes an episode giving you a look into our Military Services Group—or, MSG. If that doesn’t quite get your interest levels to “hyper excited,” wait until you hear this… we recorded the podcast at Fort Meade, Maryland, which happens to be the home to the National Security Agency, U.S. Cyber Command and a host of other strategic units.

Admittedly, the podcast won’t quite reach the heights of intrigue Hollywood creates around these units—but I promise you that our podcast crew does serve up plenty of fascinating insights, “aha!” moments and opportunities for you to say, “gee, I never realized that.” In other words, the discussion we have is quite intriguing in their own ways.

Now, exactly who is the crew for our “Salute to MSG” podcast? The bulk of our dialogue comes from two of my colleagues who not only offer water service expertise but, most importantly, are military veterans. Therefore they can—and do—offer a deep dive into life on military installations that a civilian like myself cannot. For this podcast I’m joined by Michael Raymo, MSG’s Director of Capital and Asset Management. Michael served our county for 8 years in the U.S. Army and has enlightening stories to share about his own experiences raising a family on a military base. Our other co-host is Sean Wheatley, also a military veteran and an MSG regional manager in charge of overseeing five of American Water’s fourteen military service installations around the country.

While I don’t want to give too much more away—because, really, you need to listen to the podcast to fully appreciate its content—I will give you just a few highlights to whet your appetite, including:

  1. The “ordinary”: how MSG works to allow individuals and families living and working on these installations to live life just like all of our customers—with the highest standard or safe, reliable drinking water and wastewater removal services.
  2. The “extraordinary”: how we meet the specialized needs and demands of military installations.
  3. Life on base: what goes on that you can see in any U.S. town as well as what is more exclusive for military installations.
  4. The ways American Water’s MSG supports the growth of military families as well as the economy. Some of these include our participation in the Military Spouse Employment Partnership, the government’s Utility Privatization program, creation of new jobs and new business for vendors at our military installations, business development for vendors.

Again, I promise our Salute to MSG will not disappoint. So please, make a point to listen this week and, please, post your comments to helps us develop future Wavelengths episodes. You can find this and all the episodes in the series on iTunes or