Spring Cleaning Comes a Little Early at amwater.com!

By Dr. Mark LeChevallier – January 18, 2017 – Comment

Everyone’s gone through it at least once in their lives—you look around at a space, be it a closet, office, attic, garage, single room or entire house, and embrace a gung-ho spirit to “make this space better.” You set out to remove the clutter of things you didn’t even know you had or haven’t used for years. Next you design a plan so that the most important things are front-and-center, making them easily accessible.

This is how I look at American Water’s new website, amwater.com. While our previous site worked well and provided critical information and service to our customers and constituents, we found that, over the years, our site, like that pesky attic, accumulated some things that were outdated or no longer of use. Moreover, the new features we’ve added are in response to our evolving customer base. We removed what our customers told us was “getting in the way,” brought in new features and redesigned the space so it is now easier and faster than ever for customers to access information on their accounts, explore additional information on water topics, and stay updated in times of water emergencies or changes in service.

Our thought process in designing this site was, well, your thought process. That is when you go to amwater.com, you’ll find navigating the site to be intuitive. Thanks to a much cleaner, user-friendly design, you know where to look and find the type of information and resources you want. We’ve also structured the homepage to make it much clearer for customers to log into their accounts and go the American Water site for the state in which they have service.

In every way, the new site advances our commitment to our customers. I applaud our website designers and everyone who contributed to bringing it to life.  And I’m excited for all of our customers and other constituents to start interacting with it.