In Good Company Among The “Strategic 100” Infrastructure Projects

By Dr. Mark LeChevallier – October 14, 2015 – Comment

In a recently released list of the highest-value public projects set to move forward over the next year and a half, only nine of the 100 are from the water/wastewater sector, but those within our industry that are included are among very good company. Included in the CG/LA Infrastructure’s recent “Strategic 100 North America” report is a project that California American Water is working on to relieve demand on the over-drafted Carmel River by creating new water sources for the Monterey Peninsula’s approximate 100,000 residents.

In addition to water/wastewater, ten other industries are represented in the “Strategic 100 North America” report, including Passenger Rail, Oil and Gas, and Highways and Bridges. Within the group, the water industry’s showing of nine projects is a fair share — especially when you consider that spending for Water & Wastewater ($50 billion) ranks second only behind the whopping $126 billion to be spent in the Passenger Rail sector. Oil & Gas ($48.8 billion), Urban Mass Transit ($46.5 billion), and Highways & Bridges ($31.2 billion) rounding out the top five.

Being included in such a prestigious group of peers noted for pushing the threshold to ensure water conservation and a strong water future acts to further our own drive to uphold our commitment to innovation that can make a widespread impact, while also serving communities with individualized solutions. Perhaps the greatest (and most humbling) aspect of this recognition is the criteria for selection, which includes; potential to create jobs, national prosperity and a foreseeable “business moment.” All of the top 100 are being recognized for not just solving a problem, but for setting off a chain of events and situations that embrace networks of people, transcend multiple causes and industries, span generations and impact our future.

The full report, published as a precursor to the 7th North American Infrastructure Leadership Forum (Oct. 26 to 28 in Washington, D.C.), is available as a free download here.