Infrastructure Week, Around The Country And On Your Phone

By Dr. Mark LeChevallier – May 13, 2015 – Comment

Have you already been celebrating Infrastructure Week? This week, all types of organizations, including public policy, labor and business practices, are hosting infrastructure awareness events and campaigns that highlight the need for further investment, both private and public, and the importance of continued modernization for our current systems. Sponsored by the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) and now in its third year, Infrastructure Week is a great time to take stock of our nation’s current situation and find out what can be done to make things better.

Our friends over at the ASCE have even launched a new mobile app called Save America’s Infrastructure in tandem with Infrastructure Week. The app helps you to get in touch with your local elected officials to tell them it’s time to get to work on raising America’s infrastructure grades. Whether it’s an issue in your state or nationally, the new app will remind you when it’s critical for your elected leaders to hear from you through push notifications that will let you know when it’s most important to contact Congress, and a news section keeps you updated on current trends.

The app will continue to provide easy reference to the most recent  2013 Report Card – where America’s aging infrastructure received a “D+” and the water and wastewater systems specifically each received a “D” – as well as bring you news about infrastructure issues. Learn about the 16 infrastructure categories, the economic implications of poor roads and broken water pipes, and how your state stacks up. Then tell your lawmakers to do something about it in the action center.

Along with the ASCE’s efforts, the Value of Water Coalition is also highlighting innovative water practices and infrastructure projects across the country during Infrastructure Week 2015 through the release of a new briefing paper and events from coast to coast. Participants in Infrastructure Week events range from Vice President Biden and cabinet secretaries to local city councilmembers, academics, utility groups and private sector partners, all coming together to raise awareness about the state of infrastructure in our country and highlight the need for investment.

If you care about fixing America’s roads, water pipes, airports and more, then this is the app for you – so download it today. And remember, there are Infrastructure Week events happening all across the country from Alaska to New York, so check out the Infrastructure Week website, follow the conversation at #RebuildRenew on Twitter and get involved!