Bright Kids Creating A Brighter (And Greener) Future

By Dr. Mark LeChevallier – April 16, 2015 – Comment

As much as I write about and share news on water issues and environmental conservation, it’s always incredible for me to hear about what young people are doing on a grassroots level to help ensure the quality of water for the future. Water has certainly been on the minds of teens for a few years now, and I know from seeing a number of environmental grant recipient programs that it’s (thankfully) not stopping any time soon.

In fact, just the other day I was contacted by a counselor and educator for Camp Price in Prentice, WI who let me know about their workshop on water conservation in the home as part of an “Going Green” series. A local middle school class was helping to volunteer with the camp program, and had based much of their efforts on information found through these two links:



These kids know that their future depends on water conservation and how important it is to educate their community on protecting the environment, which will also help their families save money on their water and energy bills. The motivation of this young, environmentally conscious group needs to be cultivated. There are so many ambitious young people like these middle-schoolers who want to protect the environment. They are the future and the ones who will come up with new technologies and methods to conserve water, save energy and protect the environment.

Usually it’s us teaching kids, how to walk or ride a bike, so it’s great when our younger generations want to teach us and do something that’s better for our environment. It’s efforts like this that lay the groundwork for a more eco-friendly future.