Make A Difference In Your Community With A 2015 Environmental Grant

By Dr. Mark LeChevallier – January 29, 2015 – Comment

We all live in a yellow submarine, say the Beatles playing on the “oldies” channel (Dr. Water is actually very eclectic in his musical taste – not just old), meaning that we are all on this journey together.  We also all live in a watershed; meaning that we all have to take an active part in protecting and preserving our water supplies.  That’s why the Environmental Grant Program merits a call out, because it is one way that we all can keep a close connection to community projects that help directly impact or drive awareness of water related issues. The program provides funding for projects that focus on water cleanup and protection by a number of different organizations throughout various communities. The programs that get funded seek to improve the water supply of their communities, and also educate and inform on water related issues on a local level. 

The Environmental Grant Program provides up to $10,000 of funding for each project selected, and last year, awarded over $185,000 dollars to 45 deserving projects in 12 states. The funded programs are encouraged to have a goal that will create a long-term impact on the environment, and create relationships between communities and organizations by enabling them to work towards a common goal.

The deadline for this year’s Environmental Grant Program is March 13, 2015. There are many types of initiatives and sizes of groups that receive grants, so please be sure to spread the word about this opportunity to anyone that you think may be a good applicant. To be considered for the Environmental Grant funding, a project must be located within an American Water service area, be completed between May and November of the grant-funding year, and be a new or innovative community program or significantly expand on an existing program.

Some examples of activities have included:

  • Watershed Cleanup
  • Surface or Groundwater Protection Education (i.e., designing and providing workshops for citizens and local officials)
  • Biodiversity Projects (habitat restoration, wildlife protection)
  • Reforestation Efforts
  • Streamside Buffer Restoration Projects
  • Hazardous Waste Collection Efforts
  • Wellhead Protection Initiatives

To learn more about the qualifications to receive Environmental Grant funding, please see the 2015 Environmental Grant Brochure and Grant Application Form. Everyone has the ability to restore and preserve the environment, so bring along your yellow submarine!