The First Lady Loves Water

By Dr. Mark LeChevallier – September 16, 2013 – 1 Comment

Michelle Obama, already well-known for her health and exercise advocacy, has been making news by promoting a campaign encouraging people to drink more water. Along with nonpartisan, nonprofit group Partnership for a Healthier America, Mrs. Obama said she has realized since beginning her anti-childhood obesity initiative in 2010 that drinking more water is one of the best things that people can do for their health.

“It’s really that simple,” she said in a statement. “Drink just one more glass of water a day and you can make a real difference for your health, your energy and the way you feel. So ‘drink up’ and see for yourself.”

And even though I’ve written before about how water is surpassing soda as the national drink of choice, this campaign is very much needed. For promoting general health, fighting obesity, and creating awareness throughout all age levels, Mrs. Obama’s involvement will have a very positive impact. Federal statistics show that about 40 percent of people drink less than half the typically recommended eight cups of water a day and that about one-fourth of kids below age 19 don’t drink any plain water at all on any given day.

Maybe the First Lady had been reading this blog back when we were discussing how one of the single most valuable steps you can take towards improved health and diet is simply to drink more water….or maybe I’m fooling myself. In that older post I mentioned how the Cornell Medical Center has estimated that as many as three out of four Americans are chronically dehydrated, and even mild dehydration can lead to fatigue and loss of concentration. The Mayo Clinic recommends that men consume about 13 cups of water and women about 9 cups of water per day.

And as the First Lady kindly reminds us all, water doesn’t need to come from disposable bottles. The most important thing is that we’re drinking it, and clean quality tap water is at the ready.

1 Comment