Drinking Water Week 2013, What Do You Know About H20?

By Dr. Mark LeChevallier – May 9, 2013 – Comment

It is the first full week of May, which means…it is Drinking Water Week! The American Water Works Association has celebrated this week for more than 35 years as a chance to get the public and community involved and educated about the need for safe drinking water. It is also a week to celebrate water and the vital roles it plays in all of our lives each day.

This year’s theme is “What do you know about H20,” and I’m betting there’s a lot about water and how it gets to your tap that you don’t realize. Water plays a critical role in our daily lives and the quality of life we enjoy. This Drinking Water Week let’s all make the commitment to learn more by getting to know our H20! 

Learning, of course, starts with asking questions, such as:

The American Water Works Association gives many different celebration ideas for Drinking Water Week, and it’s likely that a number of organizations in your local community are taking part in events or discussions. I urge you to seek out and participate in at least one Drinking Water Week gathering, and share what you learned so that others can benefit as well.