Just say no to drugs (in our environment)!

By Dr. Mark LeChevallier – April 26, 2013 – Comment

You know all of those prescription medications that have been sitting in your bathroom cabinet for longer than you can remember? Maybe you didn’t need them anymore and just forgot about them. We all have them; however, not all of us dispose of them properly. In doing so, we could actually be harming ourselves, and our most precious resource – water!

As I’ve previously written, improper disposal of pharmaceuticals is causing our water systems to become unsafe. Flushing medications down the toilet leads them right into our water system, and throwing them in the trash takes years for them to degrade, which in turn causes them to end up in ground water.

Fortunately, this Saturday, April 27th is a National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day. On this day I urge you to rummage through that medicine cabinet of yours, and take out all of your old prescriptions that you no longer need. Next, take them to drop off places in your area, such as a police department, city hall or pharmacy.

You can find a drop off location in your area through this link.

In the five previous Take-Back events, the DEA in conjunction with their partners, have collected more than 2 million pounds (1,018 tons) of prescription medications. That’s the equivalent to the weight of more than 500 cars! Try to picture that traffic jam of expired medication and you may get a sense of why this is so important.

I hope you’ll participate and help your household, community, and local environment with a very simple action.  Get involved.  Just say no to drugs (in our environment)!