National Thank You Month – January Is Not Nearly Enough

By Dr. Mark LeChevallier – February 1, 2013 – Comment

Since January was National Thank You Month, I thought it would be nice to take the opportunity to take the sentiment and stretch things out a bit by extending many thanks to a few groups of people that have an impact on water on a regular basis, whether they know it or not.

Thank You to everyone who goes the extra mile to conserve water whenever they can, and those who strive to help our environment. For those of us making note of water conservation, it not only helps to save water, but also help to save money every day. Most importantly, by being more conscious of water use and consumption, you help to ensure that our future generations will have access to clean water. If you’re looking for ways to be part of this appreciated group, check out our Wise Water Tips.

Thank You to the employees in the water industry who are out working on the front line and the back office everyday providing millions of Americans with water service and support. Without their hard work and dedication to providing one of earth’s most precious resources in its cleanest form, we would not be able to go about our daily routines as easily as we do.  

And a very heartfelt Thank You to the families of all those water industry workers. When main breaks occur, crews work around the clock in all types of weather to make the needed repairs and restore service as quickly as possible. Without the support and understanding of their families, it would be an even tougher job.

Beyond National Thank You Month, and perhaps Thanksgiving Day in November, I hope that we can all keep up this appreciation going throughout the year. Let’s take a moment to remember how even small individual efforts can add up to something much more powerful and amazing, like water available at a moment’s notice.