Teaching Our Children Well At Work

By Dr. Mark LeChevallier – April 25, 2012 – Comment

This Thursday is Take Your Daughters and Sons to Work Day, a day when you can bring your children into your workplace to show them the innovative, interesting, and fun things that you do before you come home each night. And for your kids, it’s an excuse to play hooky from school!

All joking aside, everyone who takes great pride in a job they are passionate for understands the excitement of showing your children what you do all day long.  They might be shocked to find that Mom or Dad does not sit in a box all day waiting for them to finish with school.

Several of American Water’s regional locations will be hosting events for employees who are bringing their kids to work with them. In the past, we’ve had presentations on what people do in different departments at American Water, given plant tours, explained the science of water, and much more.

Whenever we speak with kids in our locations or when presenting at schools, we let them know that our greatest assets are our people, the talented individuals who make up the workforce. We’re always sure to let them know that we have all kinds of employees…some are engineers and scientists, some make sure we pay bills and our employees, some write our newsletter, others interview people that want to get a job and some keep our building secure. No matter what, it’s important to let our children know that everyone plays a role in what happens at work each day.

Another thing to keep in mind as Thursday approaches is that the children joining you at work will have just as many questions as you have things to tell them. Engage them in conversation and keep them optimistic for what their careers could mean in the future.

So as you bring your kids in to wherever you may work and share with them the passion you have for your job, we’ll be sharing our passion for the value of American Water. You’ll never know if you inspire the next CEO of a company, or inspire them to be proud to know what their parents do.